“Atlas Brand Management has done a superb job of helping launch our brand into the Canadian market where we previously had no distribution. We’ve been especially pleased with the good communication and follow up we get from them. ABM has given us the confidence of their knowledge of the retailers and customers they work with and has proven that the relationships they have with the buyers is based upon positive results and respect.”

-Jerry Swain – President, Swain Creations USA


"Like Atlas himself, Nick has carried the 'weight of the world' from our shoulders. Pretty sure he hits the gym! With over 20 years of experience and connections in the Natural Foods industry, Atlas has helped us penetrate more stores than we could ever do on our own in a short time period. In particular, their relationships with many distributors and accounts is the key to any brands who wish to land the right partners to do business with. We love Nick not only for his rugged good looks and wit, but for his ability to communicate and resolve branding and distribution issues diligently and efficiently! It is truly an honour working with Nick. He is definitely a crucial member of our team."

-Sofia & Gordon – Everyday Superfoods

“ABM has excellent connections with buyers and distributors in the West, so they can meet with the decision makers. They also have many years experience working in the food industry, so they know the players. As a result, ABM knows how to get products listed and how to grow sales. ABM returns calls, work hard and follow up when they say they will. ABM has grown my business in the West. I’m happy to have them as part of my team.”

-Anna Janes – President, Cocomira Confections Canada

“Atlas Brand Management has done a phenomenal job representing the WOW Baking brand throughout Canada. Atlas has been amazing to work with, following through on everything they promised and more.  WOW was new to the Canadian market; Atlas Brand Management introduced the WOW products, quickly gained placement and distribution channels. In 8 months Atlas was able to accomplish what most brokers take years to do. Atlas explained how the Canadian market differs from the US, he is an excellent communicator and consistent with follow through”.

Wish Atlas Brand Management was in the States as well!

-Joy Page  - WOW Baking Company


“We have been using Atlas Brand Management for Canadian markets for almost two years now. We started out with one brand, Curry Tree Spice Mixes, and ventured out to another brand, OKF Sparkling Drinks. Atlas Brand Management knows the territories, distributors, and buyers inside out. They we’re able to get us into the Canada market much quicker than we have anticipated and stores that we wanted to be in.  They are very resourceful, courteous, and have integrity. We rely on their follow through with the issues and perseverance. We recommend highly their services to any company who either wants to expand its market or wants to enter the Canadian market with an expert. We love their services and would not trade them for anything.”

-Victor Pak – C.O.O., JJWV Marketing Inc.


“Atlas Brand Management has been representing products to Krinos Foods Canada Ltd. for distribution in the Canadian market for the past 2 years. Atlas has been very professional in their approach to the industry and has supported us in building sales and market share. Atlas has a proven record of solid relationships in the market as well as a high degree of product and market knowledge. It has been a pleasure partnering with Atlas Brand Management.”

-Rob McGowan – General Manager, Krinos Foods

“We have been working with Atlas Brand Management for about 2 years. Through a thorough and professional approach, they we’re able to continue developing our business in Canada by adding new accounts to our portfolio without disrupting our distribution already in place. The sales of the accounts that ABM brought us are consistently and substantially growing. In addition, ABM’s familiarity with all Canadian product compliance requirements has been of a great help to us in many instances.

I would highly recommend Atlas Brand Management to anybody who wishes to establish or grow a food brand in Canada.”

-Vincent P. James – President, Mediterranean Snack Foods

“Atlas Brand Management has been a great broker to work with. The kind of products they bring to the Canadian Market has been excellent. Nick’s work ethic is very hand’s on and we like how he works very closely with our purchasing department and sales team to make sure the brands he represents are in the market place with many key accounts within Western Canada. His follow up is consistent and the knowledge about retail buyers demands have been bang on with every item he has presented to Nationwide Natural Foods. Nick and his company have grown to become one of our key brokerage firms as we have many items being distributed they represent and are continuously looking for more products because of his great work. I have worked with many brokers, but none like him that is for sure. We all at Nationwide truly appreciate his knowledge about the Canadian retail market.”

-Randy Sihota – Business Development Manager, Nationwide Natural Foods